Welcome to the CBM Blog


Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m glad you stopped by. For this inaugural post I thought I’d start simply enough by telling you a bit about the project, and share some exciting news about it’s development. The California Brew Masters book is a collection of interviews and portraits of some of California’s best brewers, over 45 of them so far.

Each brewer was interviewed about their brewing history, their opinions on the beer industry, their philosophy of brewing, some shared funny stories, others shared some great tips and tricks for home brewers. We then took them around their own brewery, or into their communities, to photograph them and reveal the face responsible for that empty glass in front of you. We’re putting all this content together so that you can learn the stories behind your favorite brewers.

So why do this? Well, first and foremost these guys (and gals) produce a lot of great beer. Beer that’s so good you’ll take one sip and go “ahhhhh” like you suddenly found yourself in a friggen Pepsi commercial. There’s over 300 breweries in California alone, that’s the most in the country! So, with all the recent momentum of the craft beer movement, I couldn’t help but think these folks deserved a bit of credit. So I, Nick Gingold, author and photographer of this fine project (nice to meet you too), set out on a California adventure to meet some great people, and drink some amazing beer.

So here I sit today, writing this post to you, and if you’ve read this far, I’m hoping you like my idea, and like what I have to offer to the world. That’s good… because we need YOUR help. Yes, you, at the computer. Even you, girl reading this on your cell phone. We need your help to turn this project into a beautiful coffee table book. We’re launching a Kickstarter February 1st to raise $25,000 in 45 days. That’s a LOT of money in a little amount of time, and so we’re counting on YOU to bring this fan-friggin-tastic 10″x10″ hard cover coffee table book to life.

Now, your generosity will not go unnoticed. We’ll be offering some of the beer-nerdiest, most redonk-a-donk incentives for the backers of this project. You can also pre-order your own copy of the book for $5 off the retail price. Now isn’t that just swell?

So stay tuned for a lot more info, I’m excited to share this wild ride with you. I’ll be doing blog posts about future fundraising events, progress reports on the book and the Kickstarter campaign, sweet teasers of portraits and clips from the interviews, and much more. Thanks for your support. Cheers!