Welcome to California BrewMasters, a blog and book project by LA based photographer Nicholas Gingold. The book, an 11.5″x9.5″ hard cover coffee table book contains interviews and portraits with over 45 great California brewers. The blog carries on the experience of enjoying West Coast beers by taking a look inside both new breweries and old favorites. Whether in print or online, California BrewMasters accomplishes the same goal: Beautiful portraiture done on location in and around the breweries showcase the environment and communities in which these brewers work and live. Each interview is recorded, transcribed and edited to bring you information about each brewer’s history, their perspectives on brewing, the industry, and so much more. From the big names like Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman, to the smaller but equally tasty brews of Moonlight’s Brian Hunt, we’ve put together a great cross section of brewers from every corner of the Golden State.

Fascinated with the rapid growth of the craft beer industry and it’s fan base, and a craft beer lover himself, Nick wanted to find a project about beer that hadn’t been done before. While there are plenty of brewery guides or books on rating beers, no one seems to be asking about the faces behind the beer… who’s responsible for all this great craft beer California seems to have embraced? Over three years later Nick has traveled throughout the state to find out just what makes these brewers tick. We’re excited to share the results with you.

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