Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow!


Wow guys, tomorrow is the big day! From Feb 1st to March 17th we’re counting on YOU, the craft beer community, to bring this book from the drawing board to shelves. We need to raise $25,000 in 45 days on, and we won’t be seeing a cent of it unless we reach that goal, so tell your friends, and have them tell their friends, about what a great project California BrewMasters really is!

We’re offering some great rewards for our backers. From custom made key chains, tshirts, posters, and beer growlers, to book pre-orders, copies of the prints, and even personal tours with some of the brewers in the book! So get your hands on some great shwag and help support would should be kick ass coffee table book set to release this June!

In the San Francisco area? Join us tomorrow for our launch party at City Beer Store! 3-10p, free to come check out prints, stop by and have a beer with us to learn more about the project!

Keep an eye on the site for more info, tomorrow you’ll have a chance to really help make this book a realty! Let’s bring these interviews and portraits with your favorite California brewers to life!



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