Updated Cover! 7 Days Left!

There’s a lot going on in the last week of our Kickstarter  and I’m excited to share all these updates with you. We’re adding a couple more brewers to complete a list of 45 breweries up and down the coast, we think you’ll be pleased with the new additions! Three Weaver’s Alex Nowell (formally in the book with Drakes), Societe’s Travis Smith and Doug Constantiner, and Tom Nickel from Nickle Beer Co. This rounds out our list of brewers, there are a ton of brewers we would love to continue adding, hopefully we get a chance to interview and photograph more in the future!

Next, we want to share our updated cover. After some thought we figured that a cover like this spoke to the project a little more than any one single image could. These brewers all have stories to tell, and we want you to meet them all through our imagery and in-depth profiles. I love it – and I hope you guys do too.


What do you guys think? Share your comments with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @CABrewMasters

Be sure to Join us at AleSmith this Thursday, 5-8p, for our last event!

Lastly, there’s only 7 days left on our Kickstarter, and we can really use everyone’s help! Please visit and help donate today. Some of the last chances to get your hands on awesome T-shirts, discounted book pre-orders, posters, growlers, key chains and more.

Cheers guys and thanks for all the support!

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