Three Weavers Opens in Inglewood

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It seems that like many others, I’ve been a fan of Three Weavers for quite a while. Which it surprising, considering their brewery just opened this Saturday. Full disclosure, this is a totally biased blog post. I have the honor of being the first artist to hang work on their walls (prints of brewers will be up for the next couple months, go check them out!), and I’ve known Alex Nowell, their brewer, for a couple years now. I even mentioned them in my previous blog post about GABF. I first met this talented brewer when I photographed Drake’s for the book, and in trying to stay as current as possible with the brewers we had chosen, I had to re-photograph Alex again once she settled into Los Angeles. While the space was purchased the brewery at that point was nothing more than a shell in an industrial complex, dripping with potential but at the time… empty. So we did our updated interview from my car, and did our photo shoot on the beach near LAX. Coming full circle, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see things finally complete – beers now being poured, and the space again dripping with potential. This time however, it’s tangible.

The Three Weavers crew. Lynne, Molly, Alex, Omar, and Chris.

Saturday’s grand opening brought a few things to my attention. First off, if anyone had questioned if people would make it out to Inglewood – put those fears to rest – the place was packed from the start to the end. City plans ensure a Blue Line Metro stop within throwing distance, which will keep me safe and off the freeways when the time comes. Until then, officers, I’ll be the picture of moderation, I promise. Secondly, Saturday reenforced what I’ve already known for a while now, that LA beer is as tight-knit and welcoming of a community as I could hope for. We have plenty of room to grow here, and I see this community expanding daily with a full pint and open arms. I meet new people at each one of these events I go to, and I always, ALWAYS, come away with a new friend. Lastly, Saturday taught me that above all else, Three Weavers is making some damn fine beers.
My favorite might be the Session IPA, as the saying goes I could (and I did) drink that all day long. Bright, dry, citrus forward, just what the doctor ordered on a warm sunny day. Although the entire line up was quality, I’d say the porter, ESB, and DIPA were among my favorites. I’m especially happy they came out swinging with beers that everyone could enjoy; these were solid beers in classic styles that stood up quite well on their own. Sometimes I walk into a brewery that I’ve never been to, that hasn’t been open that long, and I see a list incorporating weird styles and additional flavors I’ve never heard of. Three Weavers will make you rethink the classic porter, and you might just find yourself ordering another over the usual craft beer nerd’s standard obsession of the Double IPA.
So even though I’m a big proponent of deciding if a brewery is good or not based on the beer, and only the beer, I don’t think we can ignore how freakin’ cool it is to see a brewery owned and ran by women. It’s far too uncommon. I just have to tell one little anecdote from Saturday, sitting behind the merch booth talking to owner Lynne Weaver’s husband. He said to me, “We wanted to show our three daughter’s that they could do or be anything.” That hit me for several reasons, (I didn’t know until then that Three Weavers is named for Lynne’s 3 daughters) but personally I think too often the thought by outsiders that this is a “white guy wearing a baseball cap with a beard” only type of thing. Which granted, undoubtedly is me, but what I’m itching to see is the growth in diversity. Both gender and race. I keep saying (preaching to the choir I’m sure) that this is people based industry. And with diversity of people will come a diversity in flavor, and that means better beer for all. So I’ll get off the damn soapbox and say nothing more than that it’s cool to see this place open, and it’s cool to see them already on a path of producing amazingly solid beers to a city that I hope continues to be as supportive as its shown itself to be thus far.
Congrats on a great opening day, and now check out some damn photos.

NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_027 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_019 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_012 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_013 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_014 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_015 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_041 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_039 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_036 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_034 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_033 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_032 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_029 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_031 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_023 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_038 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_018 NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_025  NGingold_ThreeWeaversGO_040

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