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Hello, craft beer aficionados! The countdown is on – we launch our Kickstarter to get this project funded and turned into a book on Feb. 1st. We’re going to need to raise $25,000, that’s not chump change, and we’re going to need your help to do it. That’s why we decided to do what craft drinkers love to do best – get people together for a beer!

We’re going to be having some really great events where you can see portraits of the brewers, hang out with some brewers, and donate to a worthy cause… all while holding a delicious beer in your hand.  Today we’re just announcing two of the events we’re holding.

On Feb 1st, we’ll be at City Beer Store in San Francisco from 3-10pm. If you haven’t been, City Beer Store is an awesome, very well respected craft beer store in SF that always has a great tap list and rare beers for sale, they’ll have the brewer prints on display for the months of February and March. On Feb 1st though, join us for the official launch party of our Kickstarter and gallery opening. Bring friends!

On Feb 21st we’ll be in Pomona at one of my favorite beer bars, The Rookery. We’ll have prints to check out, some great rare beers to drink, and we’re bringing some brewers out for it as well.

We’ll be hosting a couple more events, but for now set your calendars and come join us to support a great cause!

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