SDBW 14 Guild Fest

San Diego Beer Week has come and gone. As a Los Angelian / Angelino / LA resident I don’t make it down to SD as much as I’d like to. Given all the amazing beer that my southern neighbors have to offer, it’s really a privilege to spend a few days down there. I made it to just a couple events, including one that we did at Stone Liberty Station with Brewmaster Mitch Steele and Co-Owner / CCBA Prez Steve Wagner. Here’s an obligatory picture for proof.
What I really wanted to share today though was my observations and photos at this year’s San Diego Beer Week Guild Festival. Held on the Broadway Pier downtown, this scenic location was the stage for an indoor/outdoor festival with plenty of delicious local beer and food. Over 50 San Diego breweries participated. I had the opportunity to visit both the VIP night on Friday and the main session on Saturday, and with camera in tow I snapped the shots you see below. I definitely enjoyed myself, had the chance to sell some California BrewMasters books to a willing and at times lubricated SD audience, and basked in the glory that is San Diego beer. For those that couldn’t attend, better luck next year. Here’s a bit of what you missed!

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(from left) Rachael and Matt Akin of Benchmark Brewing, Marty Mendiola of Rock Bottom, and Societe brewer Travis Smith.


left, Frank Yepiz of Hillcrest Brewing, and an unnamed man with a very nice Delerium elephant hat.



left, brewer Brandon Sieminski of Iron Fist, and Peter Perrecone of Toolbox Brewing.


The boys of Fallbrook Brewing Co.



A NorCal transplant for the week… Marin Brewing Co’s Arne Johnson with Green Flash brewer Chuck Silva (I am sooo sorry I didn’t get your name nice lady in the middle!)


San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer pops a cask of a Karl Strauss espresso stout beer for the crowd.


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