Noble Ale Works Turns 4 in Anaheim


Happy 4th Birthday to Noble Ale Works in Anaheim! One of my favorite breweries PERIOD, I always get giddy when the opportunity arises to hang out with good people drinking seriously good beer. If you missed the fun on Saturday, fear not, for I have documented a bit of the party to share with you now. A few highlights included the musical stylings of brewers like Mitch Steele (Stone), Jeremy Raub (Eagle Rock), Julian Shrago (Beachwood BBQ) and of course Noble’s own Evan Price, pictured above, as well as over 30 tasty beers spread across the parking lot in front of the brewery. Several variations of Noble’s signature Naughty Sauce, a golden stout, were being poured, as well as beer cocktails (thanks to Santa Ana restaurant Playground), making this a truly enjoyable event filled with friends and beer-quaintances. Check out some shots below.



Stone Brewer Mitch Steele performing.NGingold_Noble4th_web_038 NGingold_Noble4th_web_037 NGingold_Noble4th_web_036

Several Naughty Sauce variations poured.NGingold_Noble4th_web_035 NGingold_Noble4th_web_034

Beer cocktails courtesy of PlaygroundNGingold_Noble4th_web_033 NGingold_Noble4th_web_032 NGingold_Noble4th_web_031 NGingold_Noble4th_web_030 NGingold_Noble4th_web_029 NGingold_Noble4th_web_028

The fine gents from MacLeod’s took the train in… safety first boys!NGingold_Noble4th_web_027 NGingold_Noble4th_web_026

OC Beer Blogger Greg Nagel slinging tix for the upcoming FirkFest in March (don’t miss it)NGingold_Noble4th_web_025 NGingold_Noble4th_web_024 NGingold_Noble4th_web_023  NGingold_Noble4th_web_021

Eagle Rock brewer and owener Jeremy Raub giving some solid country music renditionsNGingold_Noble4th_web_020  NGingold_Noble4th_web_019 NGingold_Noble4th_web_018 NGingold_Noble4th_web_017

Evan Price and Mitch SteeleNGingold_Noble4th_web_016

NGingold_Noble4th_web_013 NGingold_Noble4th_web_012 NGingold_Noble4th_web_011 NGingold_Noble4th_web_010 NGingold_Noble4th_web_009

LA Beer Media enjoying the warm weather NGingold_Noble4th_web_007

Beachwood BBQ’s Julian Shrago going accousticNGingold_Noble4th_web_006 NGingold_Noble4th_web_005 NGingold_Noble4th_web_004 NGingold_Noble4th_web_003 NGingold_Noble4th_web_002 Evan takes the mic – thanks for a great anniversary party! 4 more years!

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