Me and Some Brew Masters Took Over Green Flash Last Night


I love San Diego. That’s an easy statement to make as a fan of craft beer, and as a specific fan of California craft beer its nothing short of a whopping no brainer. It won’t be long (literally, a couple weeks maybe?) until San Diego has over 100 breweries throughout the county. And while my hat goes off the newcomers that grace that Beer City USA with their best hopped foot forward, I still have a blast talking to the guys that have been sweating it out and riding the wave of suds since before craft beer became the “cool” thing to be involved in.
That’s why I was incredibly excited to be at Green Flash yesterday promoting my book with some outstanding brewers, all of whom took home medals at this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Peter Zien from AleSmith, Nacho Cervantes from Pizza Port OB, Paul Segura from Karl Strauss, Travis Smith and Doug Constantiner from Societe, and of course Green Flash’s own Chuck Silva were nice enough to join me for a Q&A panel to answer questions from San Diego beer fans and to sign books (plenty still on sale at Green Flash by the way).
I apologize for not telling you all sooner, I promise to let the upcoming events be known in another blog post coming out VERY soon. In the meantime, enjoy some sweet photos we took at the event, and I hope to share a beer with you all at the next one. Cheers!

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