Times Flies When You’re Having Fun

Hey Craft Beer Fans,

So guess what, this blog has been inactive for far too long. Since our book launch at the Firestone Invitational in MAY a LOT has happened. And I mean, a lot a lot. I’ve gone to beer event after beer event, met some wacky, crazy, amazing fellow beer drinkers, and we’ve made great strides with the success of the book. But the concept of California BrewMasters is not one that will live in the rear view just because the book is out. No, my dear friends, there is just so much more to talk about, so much more to do… so much new beer to drink and breweries to try. Dammit we have hands to shake and babies to kiss! So from now on look for this to be a little more active, I’ll just talk about whatever suits my fancy. Stay tuned for a post on GABF which ran in a great LA Beer blog, Beers In Paradise. I’ll be reposting it here but take a look if you’re THAT impatient.

GABF, A Photo Perspective:

Much more to come, new content on the way. Love you all much.



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