CBM By the Numbers

50 Backers, 40 Days Left!
Hello Craft Beer Fans,

Just wanted to give everyone another big thank you for the support so far. We have 40 days left and we’ve just reached 50 backers. Can’t thank everyone enough for their support and donations to make this awesome craft beer book happen.Of course, we have a long way to go! With over $3,500 pledged so far, that leaves around $21,500 left! If you’re thinking about backing this project, I’d encourage everyone to take another look at the great rewards we’re offering our backers. This book is filled with amazing content, more of which we’ll be sharing with you guys on our Kickstarter page, and we can’t wait to get it out to craft-beer fans everywhere.

For those that have already backed, you can guarantee that your rewards make it to you by encouraging friends to donate! Tell them why you think this is a worthwhile project and tell them why you decided to back it. And again – thank you SO MUCH for supporting California BrewMasters!


Book Progress & Promotion

In other news, we’re getting some great promotion for the book. We have several blog posts going out across craft beer media. While this book is based in California, I used to live in Washington, DC. I was very excited to do an interview with ExposedDC, a great photography blog in Washington. Check out the interview I did with them here:


I’ll be sure to share other media and promotion with you guys so you can follow the progress.

We also had an awesome release party last Saturday at City Beer Store in San Francisco. We had an awesome turn out! The prints of brewer portraits will be up at City Beer until the end of March, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the city and check them out for yourself. Here are some pictures from the party.


What a great turn out!




Fans donated to our project on laptops provided at the event


Me and the lovely Beth Wathen, owner of City Beer Store


Myself, Marin Brewing Co’s Arne Johnson, and Triple Rock brewer Jeff Kimpe

As for book progress, we’re working hard to bring this book together and have it out by this June! We’re beginning to come up with cover concepts, and we’re busy editing interviews and photographs to include in the book. As we go through this process we’ll be sharing our progress with you guys.

So thanks again to everyone for your support and donations, if you’re on the fence, send us an email! I’m happy to answer any and all questions. Together, we can bring this book to life, and with it, share the valuable insight from California’s best brewers with beer fans everywhere. Cheers to you guys!

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