More Than You Need To Know: Firestone Walker’s XVIII Anniversary Beer

It’s that special time of year again. With Halloween in our rear view we all know that when walking into our local BevMo we’ll hear the early signs of annoying Christmas music, upon us for the next eight weeks, and showing little respect for our ear drums… and/or sanity. Walking past the holiday boxes of Midori and the Gentleman Jack with the commemorative tumbler glasses, our eyes will squint, darting from section to section looking to find one of the only good parts about the first half of November. SD Beer Week aside
But finally, our search will pay off, and we’ll snatch up our prize. Now it could be on display, passed on by the uneducated, waiting to be swooped up by that one asshole trying to hoard every bottle… but more than likely you’ll find this gem tucked behind a few other beers, hidden by a BevMo employee that “technically” left the last bottle on a shelf for customers, crossing his fingers all shift that we would not find it. But picking up this year’s silver box of Firestone Walker’s XVIII Anniversary, the music, the bad parking, the brother-in-law begging you to buy him a bottle too… it all fades away and for a second we’re happy.

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SDBW 14 Guild Fest

San Diego Beer Week has come and gone. As a Los Angelian / Angelino / LA resident I don’t make it down to SD as much as I’d like to. Given all the amazing beer that my southern neighbors have to offer, it’s really a privilege to spend a few days down there. I made it to just a couple events, including one that we did at Stone Liberty Station with Brewmaster Mitch Steele and Co-Owner / CCBA Prez Steve Wagner. Here’s an obligatory picture for proof.
What I really wanted to share today though was my observations and photos at this year’s San Diego Beer Week Guild Festival. Held on the Broadway Pier downtown, this scenic location was the stage for an indoor/outdoor festival with plenty of delicious local beer and food. Over 50 San Diego breweries participated. I had the opportunity to visit both the VIP night on Friday and the main session on Saturday, and with camera in tow I snapped the shots you see below. I definitely enjoyed myself, had the chance to sell some California BrewMasters books to a willing and at times lubricated SD audience, and basked in the glory that is San Diego beer. For those that couldn’t attend, better luck next year. Here’s a bit of what you missed!

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Upcoming California BrewMaster Events

In my last post I promised you guys that I’d be better about keeping everyone up to date on future events. Well this next week is a DOOSEY, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. For those that don’t know, San Diego Beer Week is coming up, and I get the honor of being present at some of these cool events. While I’ll be there for the Guild Fest on Saturday, we’re hosting another event on Monday that is not to be missed.

So join us Monday, from 5-7pm, at Stone Liberty Station. We’ll be drinking some fantastic Stone offerings in this beautiful space, and we are indeed honored to be joined by Brew Master Mitch Steele, and Stone co-founder, President of the California Craft Beer Association, and man that wrote the forward for the California BrewMasters book, the one the only Steve Wagner.

So don’t miss out! Come say hi and have a beer, chances are I owe you one on me by now. Cheers!